Productions by date

2023Let Us Entertain You
Amdram is Murder (murder mystery)
2022Entertaining Angels
2020All Washed Up (SCDF and Merstham)
Who killed the Secret Agent (murder mystery)
2018Snake in the Grass
Hello Darkness My Old Friend (SCDF)
2017Variety Box (revue)
Ladies in Lavender
2016Dead Man’s Hand
Flatmates (SCDF, Harlequin Arts Festival and Merstham)
2015Wife After Death
Uninvited Guests (performed by Off The Cuff Theatre)
2014Don’t Blame it on the Boots (SCDF)
Neighbourhood Watch
Discover Dyscover (murder mystery)
Strictly English (Harlequin Arts Festival)
2013How to make your Theatre Pay (SCDF)
Swing Thing (fundraiser)
And the Winner is.. (murder mystery)
2012The Foreigner
The Foreigner Act 1 (Harlequin Arts Festival)
2011Interior Designs (SCDF)
Hay Fever
2010Sense of the Ridiculous (SCDF)
2009Two Wits to Woo (SCDF)
Murder in Play
200884 Charing Cross Road
2007What’s for Pudding (SCDF)
Straight & Narrow
2005The Heiress (Harlequin)
2003The Waiting Room (SCDF)
Death on the Ocean Waves (touring murder mystery)
Tissue (SCDF)
The Crucible (Harlequin)
earlier productions to be added